PMA 2004 Is Over, Lots of Great Things Coming

The show is over and we now know what new cameras and other goodies to expect in the coming months, and it's looking great!   For a complete rundown of the major products see our PMA 2004 Special Report. There are high-res 8-megapixel prosumer cameras from Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and Sony, 4- and 5-megapixel cameras for enthusiasts at unbelievably low prices and an army of affordable, entry-level 2- and 3-megapixel cameras coming from nearly every camera manufacturer. And of course Canon's EOS-1D Mark II, Fuji's S3 Pro, Minolta's new Maxxum 7 and Nikon's D70 digital SLRs -- incredible cameras, amazing technology and affordable prices. We're going to be quite busy reviewing all of these in the upcoming months so stay tuned...

This morning's Newsline International (the daily news from the PMA) reports that Sony targets 40-50 percent jump in digital camera sales next fiscal year. Sony expects the global market for digital cameras to expand by about 40-50 percent to 60 million-65 million units next fiscal year from the 43 million units it forecasts this fiscal year. Rival Canon Inc. said in January it is aiming for top market share with its sales target of slightly over 15 million cameras for 2004, up sharply from 8.6 million units in 2003. Canon and Sony lead the global market, with both holding a share of about 20 percent.

It's all good news for us and great news for the consumers as prices will continue to fall as the performance and features are improved. That good news for the consumers is going to be a bit clouded by the shear number of camera models available but that's where we come in. You can read the reviews, use our Camera Buyer's Guide, discuss things with other users on our Digital Camera Forums and then go make a well-informed purchase decision. It's going to be a great year to go digital !