Playboy Launches Photography Reality Show


In the current TV landscape, there's a reality show about nearly everything.  Want to watch rich people being mean?  Reality TV's got you covered.  Want to watch people trying to be chefs, models or businessmen?  You're set.  Photography has been a largely untapped choice though, and one that lends itself nicely to the visual media.  Aside from one season of VH1's 'The Shot' there really hasn't been much.

The Playboy Channel is remedying that with a new show called 'Playboy Shootout.'  It's a pretty standard show for the format.  10 photographers and 10 models are competing for a job at Playboy.  Considering the popularity of the magazine and the high photography standards of Hugh Hefner, its' a good job to get.

The preview, which can be found on YouTube, shows fairly even handed treatment between the coverage photographers and models get, and there's some discussion over picture selection in front of the panel of judges.

"People think it's all fun, sex and glamour," says longtime Playboy photographer Stephen Wayda.  "They don't realise when you're doing nudes there's a lot more to it."  

The biggest problem with new photographers, according to Wayda, is that each of them tries to put their own spin on the formula.  ""Some came in and said, 'I want to do something completely different,'"says Wayda.  "Well, that's great, so go open up your own magazine."