Pixel LD-W1 Lets You Control Your DSLR From 250 Feet Away

Pixel LD-W1.jpg
Pixel Enterprise has announced the release of the Pixel LD-W1, a wireless remote control that lets you operate your DSLR camera from as far as eighty meters (over two hundred and fifty feet) away.  Simply connect the 2.4 GHz transmitter to the camera and you're ready to go.

The LD-W1 control unit features a three inch screen with a stated resolution of 960 x 240.  We're guessing that's not the right number though, since it would put the display at a 4:1 aspect ratio.  It's got a nice long battery life of five hours and you can even grab an adapter to turn your computer into a monitor for your camera.  

Of course, not only can you take pictures, but you can control your camera's settings remotely.  It's an incredibly capable unit, but doesn't run cheap.  When it hits the streets, you'll be able to pick up the LD-W1 for $335.