PinPoint Camera-Mounted Focusing System Assists in Low-Light Situations


Shooting in low light situations is something that's going to happen, much to the chagrin of many photographers. Whether you're using autofocus or handling the responsibility yourself, you're in for a tough time and a chance for photos to come out blurry or worse.

PinPoint is a new device designed to assist your camera in these low-light situations. Pressing the activator button on the unit will cause a narrow green beam of light to shine, allowing your camera's auto-focus to find just the right spot. If you're focusing manually, simply focus on the light.

"With PinPoint, photographers can be confident that they are capturing crisp, clear photos of those once-in-a-lifetime moments," says DeluxGear CEO Tom Nickell. "In fact, we purposely called it PinPoint because of its spot-on accuracy in making sure that the subject photographers want in focus, is in focus."

PinPoint by DeluxGear is available now at a price of $169.