Pictional Releases TrueHDR 1.1 for iPhone


Just because you don't have a fancy DSLR doesn't mean you can't enjoy high dynamic range (HDR) photography.  TrueHDR is a slick app that lets you capture HDR images with your iPhone.

When using the program, you'll actually take two photographs.  For the first, you'll tap a bright area on the image, and for the second you'll tap a dark area so that the program can adjust exposure.  From there TrueHDR automatically merges the photos.

The latest update to the program adds support for both front and back cameras of the iPhone 4 and a brand new user interface to make the whole thing easier to use.  It's also got improved image alignment and added sharing features.

You can pick up TrueHDR 1.1 now for $1.99.