Pictage Acquires ShootQ - Expands Pro Photographer Offerings


ShootQ is a small company that existed for the purpose of helping out pro photographers.  They specialize in the "pre-shoot" workflow.  Pictage is a larger company that specializes in the "post-shoot" workflow.  The combination is a one-stop-shop for workflow management.

Jim Collins, the CEO of Pictage, says that it's an exciting day for everyone involved.  "This step creates the first single source, end-to-end solution with most of the support services necessary to succeed in the business of professional photography."

The folks at ShootQ are excited too, since the two companies share a lot of similarities.  Both companies are big on sponsoring programs to help out photographers and pushing aspiring pros to excel, but also to give back to their communities.

"While watching the Pictage management team in action, we discovered kindred spirits who are devoted to making photographers' lives easier," says ShootQ CEO Andrew Niesen.  "We are convinced that Pictage and ShootQ will grow together to enable photographers' success."