Picasa Wins DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award at PMA 2004 For Second Consecutive Year

Pasadena, CA -- February 23, 2004 -- Picasa, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious 2004 "DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award" for the second consecutive year. This year the award went to Picasa's Hello, an instant photo sharing application that enables users to share images securely over a peer-to-peer network and chat about them in real time. Last year the honor went to the company's flagship photo organizing software, Picasa.

Hello is offered as a free download at www.hello.com and can be used with or without Picasa, the company's award-winning digital photo organizing software. For consumers who have Picasa, Hello is automatically integrated, allowing one-click photo sharing. Users can see which pictures their friend is viewing and can chat about them in real-time. Hello makes it simple to share single photos or hundreds at a time without the need for attachments or uploading to Web sites. Consumers who do not have Picasa can use Windows Explorer to select pictures to share. Any pictures received via Hello are automatically organized and stored in a Picasa album, organized by the sender's name. To print high- quality prints at home, Hello automatically retrieves the high-resolution version of a picture from the sender, eliminating the need to send email requests back and forth.

Picasa has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to organize their digital photo collection. Picasa users do not have to manually organize their digital photos; upon installation all images on the hard drive are automatically organized into albums, and new images are automatically added as they are saved to a user's hard drive. Picasa allows its users to browse quickly through the entire collection of photos on their PC by displaying thumbnails of each image. Advanced features include: cropping, rotation, red-eye removal, keyword search, slideshow (with music), photo timeline display, and exportation to TiVo. Consumers can purchase Picasa for .00 or download a free 15-day trial at: www.picasa.net.