Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 is Available Now

Photoshop iPad.jpgWhile a mobile or tablet app may never offer the same power and feature set that the PC or Mac version does, Photoshop Touch is out to show that it just might be possible after all.

Photoshop Touch gives you the what Adobe calls the "core features" of Photoshop. You can manipulate multiple layers, add effects and plenty more. There are also a few features specially made for the touchscreen device. Scribble Selection and Refine Edge give you more accurate selection - one thing that really suffers without a mouse.

"Time is always critical when taking pictures during the golden hours of light," says photographer Tyler Stableford. "With a wireless connection, the art director and I can place photos, immediately as we take them, into a layer with the client's artwork."

You can pick up Photoshop Touch now for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store.