Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill is Impressive


Remember back when Adobe showed off the spot healing tool for the first time?  I do.  My mind was bubbling with the possibilities of the editing I could do, and it's served me very well in the past.  But it's never been fully satisfactory, and is particularly disappointing when trying to use on large objects.  I've longed for a tool that would take care of bigger problems.

Content Aware Fill is that tool.   At least, if it lives up to the demo given by Photoshop product manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes.

He showed a series of examples, starting with the basics - like removing litter from grass - to the difficult and formerly unsurmountable.  Using the Content Aware Fill tool, Hughes was able to remove a piece of litter that was half covered by shadow, something the spot healing brush couldn't have accomplished.

It gets better.  He takes a photo of a dusty desert highway, and removes the road.  By selecting the offending part of the image, hitting delete and selecting Content Aware Fill, he was able to turn an image of a highway into an image of a desert in seconds. 

As the final part of his example, Hughes takes a series of stitched together photos and uses the Content Aware Fill tool to expand it to fit a rectangle.  The tool adds sky, clouds and mountains that look like they were a part of the original image.

You can view the demo on YouTube here: