PhotoShelter Finds that Photographers are Satisfied with Gear, but Not with Clients

Survey.jpgThe folks at PhotoShelter have just released the results of their Photographer's Outlook survey and found out a few interesting things about what people are expecting from 2013. First and foremost is that photographers are generally optimistic - 73 percent reported that they expect to make more than they did last year.

There are of course, plenty of challenges ahead. The biggest is finding clients, which 74 percent report to be their biggest concern, along with 53 percent who say that being found online is right up there. It might not be surprising that the web is only so good at drumming up new business - 41 percent of those surveyed report that blogging, social media and SEO were their best ways to find new clients, while 54 percent report the most success through word-of-mouth.

What may come as a surprise is that finding the right gear is something that concerned just 10 percent of photographers.

You can find the full infographic in PDF form here.