Photographing With Fire


There's something that's almost magical about fire.  Its motion and color combine to create an effect that's spellbinding.  It's also incredibly difficult to photograph well in anything other than a campfire style setting.

While digging for some tips in the subject, we came across this little nugget from DIYPhotography courtesy of photographer Filipe Batista.  He managed to capture an amazing image of a Tabasco bottle with an open flame in the background to incredible effect.

There were a few challenges in capturing the flame on film, especially in a way that would satisfy Filipe.  "I realized that with 1/200s no flames were visible on picture so I had to reduce the exposure time," writes Filipe.  He finally ended up with 4 seconds of exposure, which meant his whole lighting setup had to change.

Then of course, there's the challenge of lighting the fire, controlling the flames, avoiding overexposure, and keeping a fire extinguisher at the ready.  The result is fantastic, but it's not something you're going to want to undertake unless you're in a room with a nice high ceiling and of course, you've taken all the proper safety precautions.