Photographers Uta Barth and An-My Le Receive $500,000 MacArthur Genius Grants

Have you ever been recognized out of nowhere for working your tail off on something? You didn't think people were paying attention and then bam - you get a bonus, or a hug, or just a pat on the back. Photographers Uta Barth and An-My Le know the feeling, except their 'attaboys come in the form of a $500,000 no-strings-attached grant. It's not a grant they applied for, it's not a grant they knew they were nominated for and it's not a grant that's given out to many. It's given by an anonymous group and you'll find out through a phone call. Only 25 people received the grant this year.

Uta Barth is a conceptual photographer that aims to explore not only the nature of vision, but the difference between the reality we perceive and the reality that's recorded on film. Barth's latest photographic series focused on light and how it affects our perception of time.

An-My Le focuses on war and the effect it has on people and the environment that surrounds them. Le's current project is photography of U.S. military presence around the world.

Only 11 other photographers have won MacArthur grants - Richard Benson (1986), Lee Friedlander (1990), Susan Meiselas (1992), Wendy Ewald (1992), Robert Adams (1994), Cindy Sherman (1995), Alfredo Jaar (2000), Deborah Willis (2000), Camilo José Vergara (2002), Fazal Sheikh (2005), and Lynsey Addario (2009).

(via PetaPixel)