Photographers File Class Action Suit Against Google

Google Book Search.gif
Remember back when Google got into all that trouble over Google Book Search?  Essentially, Google wanted to take a bunch of public domain books, scan them in and make them available on their site.  Of course, they ended up scanning a lot of books that were still under copyright.  

Now, just when it seems like the hullabaloo over Google Book Search has been settled, there's a new piece of the puzzle.  Books are made of words, primarily, but what about the photos and drawings used in the books?  Since they were unable to be added to the current suit, the photographers and artists that contributed to these works have started a new class action suit against Google.

The suit is helmed by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) along with the Graphic Artists Guild, Picture Archive Counsel of America, North American Nature Photography Association, and Professional Photographers of America.
"We're not saying that we don't want our images used," says ASMP director Eugene Mopsik.  "We understand it's all new media and these are all new income streams. Great. We just want to take part of the discussion."