Photographer's Automatic Backup Leads to Theft Recovery and Drug Bust

Thief!.jpgYou know how people say that it's essential to backup your data so you don't lose all of your work? It turns out automatic backups can save your gear too, as a blogger for Make found out late last month.

When in Detroit to attend Maker's Faire, the blogger known as Maker Shed had his Macbook stolen out of his car. Due to the understaffed and overworked nature of the Detroit police force, filing a report would usually be the end of the story, but luckily for him, Maker Shed automatically backed up pictures taken to his computer.

Shed was able to track down the Mackbook to a small area of Detroit thanks to the backup system he used, but it gets even better. The thief decided to take pictures of a GMC Yukon he had for sale and the photos were automatically backed up, which means Shed was able to see them.

Shed then matched up the house in the pictures with a house on Google StreetView to find the exact address. Then he perused Craigslist to find the truck in question and even got the criminal's number. From there, the cops were able to get to work.

Here's the real kicker. Not only was the Macbook Pro recovered, but when the cops went in to recover the stolen goods, they also found that the house was "designed for narcotics distribution" and uncovered large amounts of marijuana.

You can read the full story complete with more details of how the thief was tracked down on Makezine.