Photographer Reunited with Camera Lost Scuba Diving in 2010

Under the Sea.jpg

We've all lost things now and again and most of the time we know we don't have any chance of getting them back.  Cameras especially fall into this category.  Even if we lost them quite innocently, someone finding a nice camera on the street might not be inclined to return it.  Of course, losing your camera underwater is another matter entirely.

When scuba diving recently outside of Vancouver photographer Markus Thompson was surprised to find a Canon Rebel sitting on the ocean floor.  He brought the camera up to find that it had been pretty severely damaged - past the point of being able to be used.  What still worked though, was the memory card.

Thompson posted several pictures from the memory card and provided with the date that each picture was taken based on exif data. His efforts were rewarded when he was contacted by a friend of the camera's owner.

It's nice when things work out like that, isn't it?

(via PetaPixel)