Photographer Gives Free Boudoir Sessions to Women With Cancer

Ozzy Mora from KPNX did an uplifting story this week about Photographer Jodi Lynn Maxell from Scottsdale Arizona, who is empowering women dealing with cancer. 

Boudoir Photography is an intimate photo session where women or men pose in strong and powerful positions on a bed or in a tub that can be romantic or intimate and are usually intended as a gift for a significant other. 

Jodi's studio Le Boudoir provides empowering opportunities for all women to feel spectacular in their own skin, whether they be pregnant, about to get married...

Or going through chemotherapy. 

As a member of The Bald and Beautiful Project -- which was started in 2014 by Orange County, CA photographer, Jaime Davis -- Jodi and her photographer partners aim to give women fighting cancer a self-esteem boosting boudoir session for FREE. Attitude can help so much when you're dealing with any kind of illness and to be shown that you're not defeated and you're still a powerful woman can do a lot for the psyche. 

bold and beautiful project.png
(photo by Jodi Lynn Maxell) 

Jodi tells KPNX:

"This is to show you that you can be a model for a day and feel good and hopefully that helps with your perspective of yourself and your confidence...

I did a client session and she came to her viewing, sat down and you could tell she was really nervous, she said, 'Am I going to like these? Once the slideshow came on, we put it on with some music, just tears came down her face and when the slideshow was over she looked over at me and said, 'Thank you for making me feel beautiful," 
This is a really beautiful thing to help people heal. When you look in the mirror every day while you're sick it's hard not to see anything but a sick person. When you look at yourself through the lens of an artist who truly sees you and not your illness, it can help find that healthy person again. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in something like this, you can email your story to [email protected].


Or you'd like to help cover the costs of this amazing project, feel free to donate to The Bald and Beautiful Project HERE.