Photographer Films Insane Bear Encounter!

Nature photography is usually one of distance. You put on a long lens and sit back and wait for something magical to happen hundreds of feet away from you. What you don't expect is an 800-pound bear to waltz up to you and sit down right next to you.  

That's what happened to this photographer. The video is credited to Drew Hammond, who according to the ever-reliable Facebook, is a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

There are no other details aside from the fact that it was uploaded four years ago and shot at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, in Alaska. Mr. Hammond just sits there still as stone until the bear gets a little gregarious and attempts to get closer and he kind of talks to the bear like he was a dog about to jump up on the couch. He's not yelling, but he's clearly in charge and he's not about to let happen what was almost going to happen. 

The big lesson here is how he handled it. He remained calm and told the bear he wasn't a threat. You may think he should've yelled and banged things to make the bear go away, but the bear wasn't being aggressive, he was just being curious. Plus, did you see how many bears were in the river at the end?  According to CNN, the McNeil River Sanctuary has the world's largest concentration of brown bears every year from June to August as they gather to feast on the migrating Salmon. 

So, remember to keep your wits about you when you're shooting in the wild. Not only might it help you get the shot you want... it might help you keep your head.