Photographer Captures Gamers Next to the Characters They Play

Gaming Photos.jpgWe're always on the look for unique and interesting takes on techniques and subjects for photographs and the latest from Robbie Cooper is quite an interesting one. He's taken pictures of online gamers and put them next to the characters they play.

Cooper says that he was inspired to undertake this project when photographing a CEO that was recently divorced. He stayed connected to his kids through online games like 'Everquest' and discussed normal life in the fantasy setting. Cooper was fascinated and says that online gaming is "a technological extension of psychological models - the imaginary and the symbolic structure of language."

You can find Robbie Cooper's "Alter Ego" series of photographs on his website under the heading "Simulations." It's interesting that in most cases players share some of the characteristics of their online avatars even if they're completely different in other ways.

(via PetaPixel)