Photographer Captures Five Rainbows!

(John Entwistle's Supernumerary Rainbow photo from his Instagram)

Hurricane Florence caused catastrophic damage to parts of the US last September; to other parts, it provided a glimpse of beauty.

Last month, photographer John Entwistle headed out to his garden in New Jersey with his daughter after the hurricane ended to watch the Sunset. Thank God he had his camera with him, for what they saw was far more interesting than your average sunset, as there were five rainbows in the sky.

He posted the image on Instagram with the caption "Rainbow Insanity". And described it as:

"I could be wrong but that sure looks like a quintuple rainbow at sunset tonight over the Jersey Shore, NJ. I've been told this is a Supernumerary Rainbow,"

His image caught the attention of NASA, who confirmed that what John and his daughter saw was, in fact, a supernumerary rainbow. They liked the picture so much they made it their Astronomy picture of the day for October 2nd.

What's rare about John's image is not the five rainbows, but how they're aligned. They're in a perfect row lined up one behind the other. Oftentimes with Supernumerary rainbows, they're all over the sky in different places. This looks like the side to an infinity hallway in the sky.

NASA states:

"Supernumerary Rainbows only form when falling water droplets are all nearly the same size and typically less than a millimetre across... Then, sunlight will not only reflect from inside the raindrops, but interfere, a wave phenomenon similar to ripples on a pond when a stone is thrown in.

In fact, supernumerary rainbows can only be explained with waves, and their noted existence in the early 1800s was considered early evidence of light's wave nature."

Check out John's website for more amazing weather and sky photos featuring stars, and lightning and pick up a print for yourself of his great work.

Source: YAHOO