Photographer Captures Epic Bald Eagle Fight With the Nikon D850

Eagle Fight 1.png
(Photo by Mark Smith)

Photographer Mark Smith recently did something every wildlife photographer has done. He got up early and drove out to a remote location and waited to hopefully capture something beautiful. What he didn't expect, however, was to capture something so epic it looked like a climactic scene to a Planet Earth episode.


He arrived at the crack of dawn in Washington's Hood Canal, which is a natural fjord in Puget Sound. Armed with his Nikon D850 and a 500mm f/4 lens he started to take pictured of geese and seals, and then according to him the water underwent a 'massive change', the tide was receding. When that happens the vanishing water reveals thousands if previously hidden marine life, and to the waiting Herons and other birds... it's like ringing the dinner bell. 

At first, it's what you'd expect, seagulls and herons swoop down and feast on the prehistoric-looking fish and oysters, but then it gets interesting. 

Eagle fight 4.png
(Photo by Mark Smith)

A bald eagle sees a heron with a fish and swoops down to claim it for itself. The heron drops the fish and backs up as does a nearby crow who's also waiting for his turn to eat. Before the eagle can savor his spoils, he himself is attacked by another bald eagle, though this one is much younger and clearly has no respect for his elders. The young eagle swoops in to attack and they battle in the air... all the while the crow steals his meal. 

Eagle Fight 3.png
(Photo by Mark Smith)

It's no wonder Mark was able to capture such dramatic images with the Nikon D850 for as we said in our own review if it:

"...given the D850's price advantage, pixel abundance, and speed, the D850 may just have our vote for the best DSLR ever made. If you shoot portraits, landscapes, wildlife, or weddings and other events, you're gonna want to check this out."

Check out Mark's full video above to see some more epic photos from the day and hear his full story, and if you desire to take pro photos of birds too, check out our Top Five Bird Photography tips from Olympus Visionary Scott Bourne.