Photographer Ben Thouard Shoots Landscapes... Through Crashing Waves

(Ben Thouard's Book SURFACE)

Photogpraher Ben Thouard spent over a year shooting images for his new book SURFACE, creating one of a kind images juxtaposing the land and the water showcasing their relationship in a way have never been seen before. He shoots landscapes of Tahiti, THROUGH the incoming waves of the ocean.

From his bio:

"He discovered photography at the age of 15 and start shooting his friends who surfed. After learning photography basics in Toulon, Ben then studied in a photography school in Paris, He managed to achieve his dreams of travelling to Hawaii and shooting images. During the next couple of years, he traveled the world alongside professionals in search of photogenic landscapes and waves that has never been surfed before.

At 22, he decided to move to Tahiti. Ben quickly made Teahupo'o's famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot.

In the last years Ben has risen to the top of game being the one of the leading photographers based in the the tropical paradise called French Polynesia. Magazine covers, advertising campaigns, award winning images from the water and around it has lead to global success and acknowledgment from his peers and many happy clients world wide."

Roam, a small company that makes about one video a month focusing on exciting explorations around the world just shot this stunning piece on Ben titled SURFACE just like his book, which explores Ben's unique way of shooting Landscapes of the coast of Tahiti. The water is so clear there that as the wave is breaking, there's a moment where it looks like you're looking through a window instead of water and Ben takes a picture of the land... through the waves.

They're stunning and nothing like you've ever seen before. Please check out his website for more information. Ben hopes that these images showcasing just how beautiful and pure the ocean are will help preserve them and I don't see they couldn't help.