PhotoDeck Stock Licensing Site Opens for Photographers


"Licensing stock has traditionally been an either/or proposition," explains photographer Stephen Kennedy.  "Either let an agent in for a high percentage or try to make a name for yourself on your own."  PhotoDeck is designed to be an option that sits in between the two.

The new site was created to be an e-commerce solution for photographers interested in licensing out their photographs.  Using PhotoDeck, you'll create your own site, with some of the more complex aspects - like SEO integration and e-commerce setup - being taken care of for you.

If you've already got a site, you can integrate PhotoDeck into your existing portfolio, adding ways for your customers to purchase and license your photographs.

The site just recently launched, but already new features are being added.  Sometime this month, for example, the ability to sell prints of your photographs will be added to the site.