Photo Tutor Teaches the Basics on iPhone

Photo Tutor.jpg

The iPhone is a handy device to have.  It's always there when you need it, and it makes a surprisingly great reference tool. 

Photo Tutor takes you through the basics of photography, and is geared directly to first time DSLR users.  There are two programs in all, and both take you through things like aperture settings and shutter speed. 

The coolest thing that Photo Tutor does is give you recipes for certain shots.  You can bring up an example, and Photo Tutor will tell you what settings were used to get the shot, or to get a certain photo effect.  It's a great starting off point.

Photo Tutor, the 'lite' version of which is available free, doesn't do anything a good photography book doesn't, but it's available on a device you may already have sitting in your pocket.  It's a handy tool to have for beginners, and can even act as a reminder to more experienced shooters.