Photo Magician - Batch Image Conversion for Free

Photo Magician.png
Converting one image type to another is a pain, but oftentimes, a necessity.  If you find that you're spending more time converting files than actually taking the pictures, or you're just looking for a tool to do it all without having a hassle, look no farther than Photo Magician.

Photo Magician is an absolutely free program that does more than just convert one file type to another.  With it, you can automatically scale images to common or custom sizes, prep them for use on popular devices and choose options to speed up the process.

Once you've set up your options, you can drag and drop photos right to the program with ease, or choose to set up input and output folders and let Photo Magician do its thing.

It's a Windows only program at the moment, and requires .Net Framework 2 (a free download from Microsoft) to function.  You can find the freeware Photo Magician at Softpedia.