Photo Fun with Facebook -- Profile Banners

I love new ways to creatively display photos.  I'm sure I'm the last person on Earth to hear about it, but today I saw this: 

Meet my old college buddy, Jed, everyone, who may or may not be a British Red Coat from the 1700s.  What we're looking at here is called a "profile banner."  It's a new craze sweeping the social network thanks to this guy:


French artist, Alexandre Oudin.

So, how do you do it?

Jed's a funny, clever guy, so it was no surprise to learn that he hand made his profile banner using Adobe Photoshop's Slice Tool (how could he have access to those things in 1776?)  He said making a profile banner is relatively easy to do.  For step-by-step instructions, he recommends visiting our friends over at Calvin's Hub. The process involves cutting a "profile pic" and five "tagged pics" out of one photo.  It's important to remember that your profile pic must have a width of exactly 180 pixels (height can vary, up to 532 pixels), and the five tagged photos need to be exactly 97 x 68 pixels.  Then you upload the shots in reverse order (last to first), tagging yourself along the way and there you go.  Simple enough, right?


For the rest of us, here's the simple, super-cheating way to get the same result:


The Profile Banner App on Facebook (be sure to read any Allow / Don't Allow notices carefully to decide if you agree with any App's terms) is easy to use.  You load a picture from your computer or Facebook into the App. Then adjust it to fit -- zoom in and out, up and down, left and right -- exactly the way you want.  And, tah-dah, you have a profile banner.  

At work, I didn't have access to anything as good as Jed's photo, but here's what I did with my first, quick attempt:

Not bad for a first try, but I aim to do better next time.

How did yours turn out?  Head over to Steve's Facebook page to post your Profile Banner screen grabs!