Photo Essentials 4 for Photoshop Elements - New from onOne

Essentials.jpgThe folks at onOne have released a new piece of software designed to make your editing jobs in Photoshop Elements quicker, simpler and more interesting.

Photo Essentials 4 includes five tools to improve your Photoshop Elements experience - three of which are all about simplifying an existing process. "Make it Better," for example, fixes contrast and brightness with one click. "Cut it Out" handles background removal - allowing you to eliminate the background of even a fairly complex image. "Enlarge It," meanwhile, lets you make large prints from small files. onOne says that that's particularly good for camera phones.

The other two add a bit more fun into the mix. "Make it Cool" allows you to apply effects after the photo has been taken. You can create an HDR or vintage look with one click. "Frame It" gives you the ability to add one of over 1,200 frames or textures to your photo.

You can pick up Photo Essentials directly from onOne for $69. There's also a free trial if you want to check it out first.