PhaseOne Releases Media Pro 1.1

Media Pro.jpgMedia Pro is a piece of software that's designed to make your life a little easier by enabling quick browsing, annotation, searching and cataloging of your digital media files.

The most recent update makes the program even quicker when importing and rendering files. According to PhaseOne, higher speed Apple/WIC rendering is enabled by default, but those that don't mind a slower speed for higher quality rendering should switch over to CaptureOne rendering.

MediaPro is also now better integrated with CaptureOne. It keeps the image adjustments you made in the other program and you can drag and drop files directly to Media Pro, which makes adding new pictures to the program a snap.

Along with all of that, there's added camera support, added lens support and a whole array of bug fixes for both Mac and Windows versions of the program. You can read the full list of fixes in their press release.