Phantom Veo 4k is Coming

Phantom cameras changed the way high-speed images were captured when they were introduced in the 90s, and they continue to break boundaries with their newly announced VEO 4K camera. These cameras actually have such a high shutter speed that they can shoot up to 1,000 frames per second in 4k. That's astonishing. Not surprisingly, the VEO 4K is mainly being designed for scientists and academic purposes. Unless you're filming a show like History Channel's TOP SHOT, there's really no need in the narrative world for a camera that can shoot a million frames per second. 

Footage of the VEO 4k isn't available yet, but look at what even the last generation was able to accomplish:


This video was the "Winner of the "Excellent Slow Motion Award" at ICHSIP 31 in Osaka, Japan. It shows the Mach disks or "shock diamonds", usually seen in the under an expanded flow of gas from a jet engine, captured at 50,000 fps and slowed for viewing by a factor of 2,000."

It's also a great resource for studying the environment. I mean, how cool is it to be able to capture the fluttering wings of bees at 150k fps.


This new camera is going to be a beast just look at these specs:

  • 35mm 9.4-megapixel sensor
  • Global shutter, switchable to rolling shutter for increased dynamic range
  • 4K-990 models capture up to 938 fps at 4096 x 2304; 1000 fps at 4096 x 2160;
  • 1975 fps at 2048 x 1080
  • 10Gb Ethernet option for optimized workflow
  • Size: 5 x 5.5 x 6" (12.7 x 14 x 15.2 cm); 6.0 lbs (2.8 kg)
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI video outputs
  • VEO4K-S and PL models include CFast, On-camera controls and secondary battery input for portability

Press release from Veoh:

Introducing Phantom VEO4K: High-speed, High-resolution Cameras for Science, Aerospace and Media Industries

WAYNE, NJ, September 5, 2017 - Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, today introduces the Phantom® VEO4K camera family, combining the imaging power of the Flex4K-GS with the convenient form factor of the VEO. Designed for demanding scientific research, defense and media applications, it will capture up to 1,000 frames per second (fps) at 4K and higher at reduced resolutions.

VEO4K cameras employ a custom 9.4-megapixel, 12-bit CMOS sensor with 6.75 micron pixels, producing images of the highest quality and pixel resolution - Great for high-magnification and applications involving dynamic movement across large spaces. The family consists of three models, including the Phantom VEO4K-PL camera for media production, as well as two body styles, allowing users to select the camera that best meets their needs.

Machined from solid aluminum with isolated electronics, Phantom VEO cameras are known for their durability and ability to perform in harsh environments. VEO4K cameras are available with either 36 GB or 72 GB of RAM and include SDI and HDMI video outputs. S-models include a secondary battery input and CFast 2.0 compatibility which enables remote, untethered recording.

Source: VEOH