Pexagon Launches Stylish Flash Drives Fit to Deliver to Clients

Classy Flash Drive.jpgThere's nothing sexy about a flash drive. Those rectangular pieces of plastic don't remind us of romance or adventure or any of the things that photographs are designed to stir up. The folks at Pexagon agree, and they've done something about it with the launch of their new "eternal" drive.

The eternal Photo Delivery System is more than just a drive, sporting a wooden USB drive with a maple finish and a look you're unlikely to find elsewhere. The drive comes in a wooden box with a black velveted foam interior.

To add to all that, the drive and box can be custom laser-engraved with whatever you like, which seems like it could be a very nice touch for wedding photographers especially. Also a nice touch is that the drive is set to read-only after you're finished with it. Clients won't be able to change or accidentally delete their photos.

The 8GB eternal Photo Delivery System is available now from Pexagon for $46.99.