Pentax Announces an Entry Level DA 35mm F2.4 Lens


It's easy to get overwhelmed by lenses, especially if you're new to the world of interchangeable lens cameras.  Going from a point-and-shoot to an SLR can be tricky, and picking out a new lens can be even harder.

The latest from Pentax is designed to help make that transition a little easier.  The DA 35mm F2.4 A L lens offers an angle of view equivalent to a 53.5mm lens in the 35mm format.  It's a nice comfortable viewing angle for newer photographers, and works in a variety of situations.

The new Pentax lens also offers a maximum aperture of F2.4, which makes the viewfinder image bright and clear, and allows you to use faster shutter speeds in lower lighting conditions.

You'll be able to pick up the DA 35mm F2.4 A L lens from Pentax this October at the entry level price of $219.