Pentax Announces a Super-Niche Evangelion Themed

Evangelion.jpgIf you're not an anime fan, this camera probably isn't going to interest you. If you are and you happen to dig 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' - and why wouldn't you, that show is amazing - then this incredibly niche camera was made with you in mind.

Pentax has three custom versions of the Q10 available, known as the TYPE00, TYPE01 and TYPE02. As you might imagine, each is designed with the same color scheme as the EVA that it's named after. Shinji and Asuka's cameras are fairly bold as you might expect, but the TYPE00 Rei Ayanami camera is fairly subdued and stylish. All of the cameras sport the NERV logo when they're turned on.

Only 1,500 of each camera will be made and they're only being released in Japan. The price is right around $660, or around $100 more than a standard Q10.

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