Peak Design is Launching a New Kind of Camera Strap

Neck and wrist straps for cameras can be a pain.  Attaching and detaching them to cameras can be a hassle and oftentimes the strap itself just gets in the way.  Peak Design has created a new kind of camera strap that they're calling the Leash.

The Leash is a system that allows you to attach your strap wherever you need to thanks to a simple but effective connection system.  It's rated at 200lbs, which means no matter your camera setup, you'll be able to carry it with The Leash.  They've also created a smaller version meant for use as a hand/wrist strap called The Cuff. Peak Design's Peter Dering explains all the details in his Kickstarter video:

According to the company's Kickstarter page, those that donate to any of the Early Bird levels will be able to have their Leash to them by Christmas.  Pricing for a preorder of the Leash starts at $25 while Early Bird packages start at $60.