Parkside Introduces a Newly Redesigned Lens Pen

Parkside-Lens Pen.JPGThe Lens Pen is made to keep your lenses nice and clean, thereby keeping your images sharp and unhindered by dust, fingerprints and whatever else you may get on your optics.

The newest Lens Pen release keeps the same build quality and everything that makes the Lens Pen what it is. You'll find the same goat hair brush as on previous models and the same carbon compound on the cleaning end. The big difference here is an updated look that keeps the Lens Pen up to date in terms of style.

"There are never any messy liquids to spray on and then wipe off," says Parkside VP Peter Meurrens, "and there's no need for dirty optical tissues or microfiber cloths that often do nothing more than smear the fingerprint oil around."

Lens Pen