Pandigital's Photo Mail Digital Frame is Now Shipping

Photo Mail Frame.jpg

It's always exciting to see some innovation, especially in the digital photo frame field, which was starting to feel a little stagnant.  Pandigital's newest frame perks things up a bit, and it could be the perfect thing for an older audience.

Teaching the family how to transfer photos from email to USB drive and then finally to a photo frame is a pain, and it doesn't always take.  I've taught my mom a few times, with no luck.  The Photo Mail frame eliminates the hassle of transferring pictures to and from your frame. 

With the Photo Mail frame, you can simply email the pictures directly to an already assigned email address and they'll load onto the frame automatically.   You don't even need to set up an internet connection, the frame uses AT&T's wireless network to retrieve the photos.

The big downer though, is the limitation on photos.  You can send  300 photos to the frame for free, but after that, it'll cost ya.  Additional photos aren't too terribly expensive - $10 for 100 and $50 for 700 - but it could turn out to be a hassle.  The Photo Mail frames are shipping out today and have an MSRP of $179.