Pandigital Unveils Digital Photo Cards

Remember when even the smallest and least impressive digital picture frames were surprisingly expensive? It wasn't long ago that an off-brand 7" frame cost in excess of $100. As Dylan once said "The times, they are a-changin"

Pandigital has just announced their new line of digital greeting cards. Each card has a 1.44" LCD built right into the card, and can hold as many as fifty pictures at a screen resolution of 142 x 142. They're available in a variety of designs including birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

The cards have a total battery life of around two and a half hours when activated. The screens are only used when the card is open though, and they automatically turn off after five minutes to preserve the life of the battery.

Each card has a mini USB port built right in, and using the included software you can add JPG, GIF and BMP files to the card. When someone receives the card, they can pull the photos right off the card in the same way. The program and card are compatible with both PCs and Macs.
Pandigital's Digital Photo Greeting Cards are available now from retailers for $9.99 each and will be available to order directly from their website in the future.