Panasonic's Ultimate "Selfie" Camera: the LUMIX DMC-GX850

The Panasonic LUMIX GH850 is an ultra-compact mirrorless ILC with some very powerful features. Sporting a 16-Megapixel Live MOS imaging sensor, 4K Photo and 4K video capture, iA+ (Intelligent Auto shooting modes), and a high-resolution LCD monitor that flips a full 180 °; Panasonic has labeled this camera the ultimate "Selfie" camera.

With the ability to accurately frame yourself to capture your images, there is no worry of multiple reshoots to get the shot right. They have even added a 4K Selfie and Panorama Selfie modes for even more creative shots. Outside of capturing selfies, the camera is fast and powerful, with great still image and video quality and color reproduction. Add on a load of convenience features and auto shooting modes, and this will also be one of the easiest cameras to use.

See our Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX850 Preview for more details.