Panasonic's Micro Color Splitter "Doubles Sensor Sensitivity"

Panasonic-Micro-Color-Splitter.pngThe folks at Panasonic have created a new technology that they say can double the sensitivity of their sensors. They're able to do this by using micro color splitters that separate color by diffraction instead of by absorption. This means that the filters currently in use can be done away with and more light can pass through.

"This development makes color filters unnecessary by using the micro color splitters that control the diffraction of light at a microscopic level," says Panasonic. "Panasonic has achieved approximately double the color sensitivity in comparison with conventional sensors that use color filters."

There's much to be done before the new tech can be put into cameras, including determining cost and production capabilities, but Panasonic says that the splitters can be made with the current semiconductor fabrication process.

Panasonic has more details.