Panasonic Will Lend Out LUMIX Cameras to Fans at the US Open

GF5w_H_H014_slant.jpgWhen companies sponsor an event, they like to make a really big deal of out of the fact that their TVs will be used, or that people will be able to play with their new phones - but Panasonic is taking it one step further. They're actually letting people borrow their cameras to use at the event.

The LUMIX Loaner Program has been set up to loan out cameras to any fan at the US Open for use within the Tennis Center. Four different cameras will be on hand, including the GF5, LX7, FZ200 and ZS15. Panasonic hasn't revealed any details regarding memory cards, so if you're participating in the program, you may want to bring your own.

See the official press release at Panasonic's website for more details.