Panasonic Tops SquareTrade's Reliability Study


It's always fun to compare features, picture quality and ease of use when camera shopping.  The aspect of reliability isn't quite as fun, but it's just as important.  SquareTrade compiled data from 60,000 cameras over a two year period to find out which digital camera brand was the most reliable.

The results point to Panasonic all the way.  In the sub $300 category, Panasonic had a failure rate of 5.3%, the lowest of any digital camera manufacturer.  In the $300-$500 category, Panasonic had an incredibly low failure rate of 1.9%.

SquareTrade also found that failure rates got lower as price got higher.  Budget cameras $150 or less experienced failure rates of 7%, while DSLRs proved most reliable, with a 4% failure rate.

Fujifilm, Sony, Canon and Olympus made up the rest of the top five most reliable manufacturers list.  Interestingly, Nikon proved reliable in both the $300-$500 category and the DSLR category, but had surprisingly bad failure rates with their budget cameras.