Panasonic, Sigma, & Leica Form L-Mount Alliance for Full Frame & APS-C Mirrorless Systems

Panasonic's in the full-frame mirrorless game now -- full details HERE -- but they're going about it with some important partners. The new S1R and S1 Panasonic cameras will be built around the L-Mount, which you might know from the Leica T APS-C cameras and Leica SL Full Frame cameras. As of today, Panasonic has partnered with Sigma and Leica to form the L-Mount Alliance.

The L-Mount measures 51.6mm in diameter and boasts a 20mm flange-back distance, optional weather sealing, easy integration with third-party adapters, and can be used on APS-C as well as full-frame camera systems.

At this time, Leica already has five L-Mount bodies on the market along with 13 L-Mount lenses. Panasonic, as reported, announced two L-Mount bodies as well as three specific LUMIX L-Mount lenses with ten (total) lenses promised by 2020. At this time, it's unclear what Sigma will launch first and when, but we do know they're planning to make L-Mount versions of their coveted Art lenses.