Panasonic Releases High Speed 8 and 16GB Cards

Panasonic-High Speed.jpg

It wasn't long ago that we got word of the new UHS-I specifications, and it's already paying off.  Two announcements came this week from different companies, both showing off their brand new high speed memory cards. The first out of the gate was Panasonic.

The company's new cards are known as the RP-SDY08G and RP-SDY16G - you can probably guess which one's the 8GB card and which one holds 16.  They've got a Class 10 speed specification, which makes them reliable for HD and 3D video recording.

Both of Panasonic's new cards boast a transfer speed of up to 60 megabytes per second, which makes them among the fastest cards around.  You'll be able to pick them up at a yet to be named price point this November.