Panasonic Kicks off Touch the Future Tour

Panasonic has a lot of new tech to show off, and rather than making you look online or rely on hands on previews, they're bringing it to you.

The main thrust of the tour, which started today at Penn Pavillion in New York, brings new HDTVs, 3D technology, LUMIX digital cameras and the newest camcorders to fifteen cities all across America.  You'll get to go hands-on yourself with new and upcoming Panasonic products.  Think of it as a mobile trade show booth.

The tour focuses on larger cities, like Detroit, Phoenix, LA, Chicago and Dallas, and strangely takes place during the day on week days.  The whole thing wraps up April 17th in Miami, Florida, one of only three locations that gets a weekend showing.

In addition to Panasonic's new cameras, you can look forward to seeing the potential of 3D photograpy.  Both the 3D televisions and Nvidia's 3DTV Play are capable of showing traditional photos in three dimensions.

You can get the full details as well as the tour schedule over at