Panasonic Announces Archival Grade Blu-rays


It's easy to think of Blu-ray discs as a video only kind of thing.  They're almost always advertised as such, and it's even a bit difficult to find blank Blu-rays for recording and storage purposes.  Panasonic's new line of Blu-ray discs are designed for exactly that. 

There are two new disc types being released, both intended for storing data for a long, long time.  How long? Up to 100 years.  Seriously.

If you want to store your photos for a long time, grab the Archival Grade discs.  They've got an expected life of 50 years at room temperature.  They're durable and they've even been inspected by TUV Rheinland, a world-famous quality institution.

The Century Archival Grade takes things up significantly.  If you want your kids, your grandkids and even your great grandchildren to have access to your files, you're in luck.  The Century grade is appropriately named; it's got an estimated life of 100 years.

There's no pricing information yet on these archival discs, but we'll know more when they launch later this year.