OWLE Rolls Out the Bubo, an A/V mount for the iPhone

Launching tomorrow, the Bubo is being pitched as the ideal rig for the legion of iPhone users and their thirst for uploading mobile video.  OWLE, otherwise known as Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement, created the Bubo to not only stabilize the iPhone during photography, but also to improve the audio recording quality and offer options for lens adjustment.
OWLE will be introducing the Bubo at an introductory price of $99.99 and comes with a variety of accessories on their website.  Those include a 0.45x wide angle / macro lens, a Vericorder microphone and a rubberized iPhone case.  Other accessories that are being sold on the OWLE website include a Flash Shoe with tripod post, a couple different LED lights and digital filters.

Ideally, this package is for anyone seeking to use the iPhone for their primary mobile video solution.  OWLE is ramping up production on these units, but stock is expected to be limited throughout the rest of the year.  OWLE is also hoping that Apple approves the Qik application, which allows iPhone users to stream their video live to the web.  

For more information on the Bubo, watch the video below: