Organize Lenses By Using a Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer.jpgYesterday we shared a cool tip for organizing your cords with the use of toilet paper rolls, and today we're following that up with a great suggestion for lens organization from the folks at DIY Photography.

If you want to store your lenses in a way that doesn't leave them hidden in a drawer or made otherwise unavailable, you may want to steer towards the unconventional. In this case, an on-door shoe organizer.

By slipping a clear shoe organizer onto your door, you get a nice place to put your lenses where there's no way you can miss them. They're easy to grab and it's simple to identify which lens is which. We'd just suggest that you do everything in your power to make sure lenses won't be hitting the wall when the door is opened. A closet door may work best, since you don't run the risk of someone slamming it.

The Ikea version in the example is no longer on the market, but we found a similar organizer in a variety of colors for $15 over at Amazon.