OmniVision Sensors Allow Cell Phones to Shoot RAW Images

There's a huge interest in being the first to create a tiny chip that's capable of impressive performance when it comes to cellular phones. While cell pictures can't compare to those taken by even less expensive digital cameras, the idea of having decent photo quality without having to carry an additional device is appealing.

OmniVision says that their chips may be the solution. The company has announced a new five megapixel CMOS sensor that's capable of a lot more than you might expect.

The sensor only measures a quarter of an inch, but with it you'll be able to record 1080p video at thirty frames per second. You can step up to 60fps if you step down the quality a bit to 720p. Dropping to 720p also increases sensitivity and improves the signal to noise ratio.

The new sensor, known as the OV5647, is also capable of capturing 10-bit images in RAW RGB format. It will give you complete control over the format and data transfer as well as offering a bevy of automatic image control functions.

From the looks of things, we'll be seeing this pretty soon. The sensor is set to enter mass production in July.