Olympus Launches Four-Part 'Behind the Lens' Shipwreck Exploration Series to Kick Off Treasure Week

Olympus is, as you might imagine, pretty high on the possibilities that come with PEN cameras. They're fairly compact but give you a picture quality that you won't find on a point-and-shoot. Of course, Olympus isn't the only one singing the praises of PEN, underwater explorer Barry Clifford says that they're essential for his underwater finds.

"Olympus PEN cameras play an important role in the recovery and documentation of the collection," he says, explaining that everything that he and his team take pictures of everything they bring up from wrecks. "The resolution is such on the new PEN cameras that it brings out every little detail of the artifact, which is extremely important for recording purposes."

You can see the adventures of Clifford for yourself in a four-part series called 'Behind the Lens' that details the process behind the excavation of a lost pirate ship called the Whydah over at Olympus. You also have the chance to win yourself a camera just by watching and sharing the videos.