Olympian Usian Bolt Borrows a Camera from Press Photographer to Celebrate Win

Bolt.jpgThe absolutely mind blowing Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt captured even more gold this year, breaking his own records as he did it. He's widely regarded as the fastest man of all time, and he's proving that time and time again.

To celebrate his win in the 200m, Bolt headed on over to the photographer's pit and borrowed a camera from Scandinavia's Jimmy Wixtrom and took pictures of the crowds, the photographers and cameramen that surround him and fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake.  He even snapped a photo of Wixtrom himself.

Of course, the best photo of the bunch is of Bolt holding the Nikon camera between shots.  You can bet the folks in marketing are already on the phone with Wixtrom and Bolt to get something going. See more photos below.

(via PetaPixel)


Bolt 4.jpg