Oloneo's HDR Program "PhotoEngine" Gets a Public Beta


If you've been looking for a program that's specifically aimed at High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, then you'll want to take a look at Oloneo's new PhotoEngine. 

PhotoEngine gives you control over light in a big way.  You can turn light sources on and off and adjust exposure as if you were still behind the lens.    The HDR functions in particular are a blast to use, especially if you've had an interest in HDR photography in the past.

As Antoine Clappier puts it, "PhotoEngine is a completely new way to interact with lighting and exposure after photos are taken."  Clappier is the president of Oloneo and the developer of the program.  "Because PhotoEngine works in real time," he adds, "it is the first high dynamic software that is truly practical and productive."

You can download the Beta version of PhotoEngine now for free directly from Oloneo.