Ohio State Creates Autonomous Photography Robot - The Paparazzi Bot

There's still a long way to go before an automated process is able to determine just what does and what doesn't make a great photo, but the Paparazzi Bot is as close as they come.

Ken Rinaldo is a faculty member at Ohio State's Department of Art and the creator of the Paparazzi Bot. He's installed a total of three of these robots to cover the Winter Olympics, snapping photos of passersby.

Each of the robots is capable of not only determining when to photograph people - smiles are a big indicator - but they can move at the speed of a walking human and avoid obstacles in the process.

The name Paparazzi Bot comes for a good reason. Not only can they move on their own, but thanks to infrared sensors, the bots will detect and rush towards people, mimicking the movements of frenzied photographers.

To learn more about these new automated photography robots, check out a great video demo, or see a gallery of captured photographs, you can visit Ken's site, PaparazziBot.com.